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Professional musician, Rodrigo Flausino began his career on the guitar 18 years ago. A  Graduate of IG&T (Guitar Institute & Technology) Sao Paulo, Brazil, starting  as a guitar coach in Osasco, Brazil in 1999.

In 2000 he founded the band Nonah and shared stages with Famous Names on Brazilian Hard Rock Circuit. With two demos and an album recorded, Nonah played at bars, clubs and festivals, primarily in the Sao Paulo State area. In 2009 the band was the winner of Manifesto Rock Fest and Rodrigo was recognized as the Best Guitarist of the year in that festival.

Participated with Tribute Bands like Destroyer and Children of the Beast, did hundreds of concerts in several towns in Brazil and abroad, playing for audiences in the tens of thousands.

He played in festivals like the Sun Rock Festival, which included acts like The Scorpions, Sepultura and Angra, as well as Events like The Motorcycle Rock Cruise. He also participated on expressive TV programs in Brazil in 2009 with these bands, winning the award for best cover band from Brazil with Destroyer.

On  these and other projects, held  jam sessions with renamed musicians like Kiko Loureiro, Edu Falaschi, Aquiles Priester and Felipe Andreoli (all from Angra), Andreas Kisser (Sepultura), Marcello Pompeu and Heros Trench (Korzus).  Rodrigo was also invited to play with by Paul Di’Anno (former Iron Maiden´s Vocalist) and Phil Lewis (the Voice of L.A. Guns) for shows in Brazil.

Currently, he is working on the release of his first Solo Record – an EP with 4 tracks in Instrumental Format, and doing shows, guitar clinics and workshops. He is also involved in projects such as Hatematter – since the release of album “Doctrines” in 2012 – as well as the band Hardstuff  – playing Hard Rock Covers in Brazil.